St. Patrick’s Legamaddy


Erected in 1865 by Fr. Richard Killen, this church prepares to celebrate 150 years in 2015. It was constructed to replace the former church at Coniamstown which was built before 1745. Erected in the style of the early Gothic period, from designs by Mr. John O’Neill, architect, Belfast, one look at the church and you realise that the tower at the western end is incomplete – it is said that the foundations were discovered to be insufficient to support the tower that which had been planned – “a tower rising to a height of eighty feet and finished with a embattled parapet”! A stone Celtic cross is to be found in front of the church to commemorate the missions given by the Passionate Fathers in July 1870 and July 1885. The church has its own adjoining graveyard with the stone ruins of the former primary school still in existence alongside. A more recent and now recently extended and refurbished St. Patrick’s Primary School can be found next door.

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